If you’d ask me to describe 2014, I can definitely say that it’s one for the books. It was a roller coaster ride filled not just with fun but also with loud screams and cries. It was a year full of surprises and overcoming great challenges with God’s grace. Finishing school last year opened doors to a whole new level of challenges, and really brought me into the phase of becoming a young adult. As I capped off 2014 as a year of learning, I’m glad I’ve started rediscovering myself, realizing what it means to grow up so I hope it all blooms out from here.



2015 is now here and instead of coming up with a long list of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to imagine something more realistic. I’d love to share some of my ideas with you, hoping that they’ll inspire you girls as well! The following posts on my blog will give you a more detailed glimpse on how it’s going for me.


GOAL: Learn how to drive and get a driver’s licence.

GAME PLAN: Enroll to driving school


GOAL: Maintain a healthier lifestyle

GAME PLAN: Less coffee, more fruits (or fruit juice) and manage my sleeping habits.


GOAL: Learn how to cook

GAME PLAN: Eating is fun but cooking is a lot enjoyable. Don’t just eat! Learn how to cook.


GOAL: Pursue my calling and begin to focus

GAME PLAN: Explore options, spend time rediscovering my strengths and learn to say NO.


May this blog entry be a reminder of my 2015 goals. Have yourselves a fulfilling 2015! x


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