I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2015. It’s crazy because I know I’ve been very busy doing stuff, but it also feels like I haven’t done much. Oh, how time flies! And because it’s been a while since I wrote something about my life, I thought I should do a quick post to give you a sneak peek on my life.

READING: UNTANGLED Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in Your Life

“All women want to feel is valued. But problems arise when we seek confirmation that we are enough using the world’s standards. Almost from birth, we are trained to find the approval and acceptance we crave in the eyes of family, friends, and even strangers. The result is that we cannot believe we are who God says we are–accepted, loved, beautiful, and treasured. We get tangled up in the world’s assessment and our own self-judgment.”

I just started reading this and loving the first few pages. I will definitely recommend this to my girls and I’m excited to have a book review session talking about everything I acquired from this book.

REFLECTING: The opportunity to help others.

I feel like I’m just starting to spread my wings on my own but feeling it’s about time to start planning on achieving one of my goals to save the world. HAHA! I know I’m not financially stable so I don’t have much resources and I am working full time so I don’t have much time to spare but there’s this big part of me – the superhero part chos – that screaming “You can do way better than giving food to people living in the streets or praying for them.” So I’m thinking of a way/advocacies/group of people to devote a part of me and make this life more meaningful. The closest to my heart are (1) those who are striving to finish school (because I used to be a scholar too). (2) The people living in the streets because my heart breaks every time I see them.

LOVING: My new place in the city

I recently move in the city because of my work. I’m quite proud of myself because I feel like having an own place means being more matured. I move about a week ago and you know when you get something new and it seems like everything is going to be better? Well that’s what it seems like. Like it’s a new beginning, a clean slate. It’s fun but it can be tough; it’s not glitter and gold, you only have yourself to depend on. The cost of living is high too, but I will survived, I know I will.

CONTEMPLATING: The opportunity to make my dream to travel the world will come true.

When I look at the map, whether map of the Philippines or World map, I can’t help but feel a pang of envy to those who are able to travel. Seriously how can they afford it and how do they find time to do it? Then I look at where I am now and realized that I, too, am walking one step at a time in fulfilling that goal. I make sure to reward myself to an out-of-town or out-of-the country travel when I have time and budget.

MISSING: My lazy days

Super missing those days I spend in bed with my laptop and chips and drinks in my hand. Honestly feels like forever since I last did that. Life is consuming so much of my time and there’s no way I can put “be lazy in bed” in my agenda.

HOPING: I will learn to understand or appreciate the wonders of working out.

The condo where I stay has a great gym facilities, I started to hit the gym this week and hope to do it daily. Seriously I’m not fan of working out but I eat way too much. I felt like dying every time I drag my butt in the treadmill but I don’t want to die young so every day I need to convince myself to get up and run at least an hour daily. How do other people do that? How can they be so devotee of working out?

What have you been up to lately? 


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