This week and the past few weeks have been so overwhelming.

When I think about the story that you have pieced together for me and my heart, I can only cry tears of utmost happiness. You continue to prove You exist. You are real. You are my one and only God. You have been so faithful to Your promises – those which I do not even know exist until they are materialized in concrete sentences I can read and reflect upon.

You continue to prove that sometimes, my heart must be fragmented into tiny, fragile pieces so that I can realize that only You can make my heart whole and complete. I may be broken but it is not through anyone’s fleeting affection, attention and affirmation will I ever become complete – only You can fill those parts of me desperate for, and seeking for my worth. 

Sometimes, following You is such a struggle. I am so tempted to do things my own way but then You prove that Your amazing plan for me is so much better – more than anything in this world that I have ever imagined – and when you prove me wrong, it’s just absolutely precious. Thank you for always doing that – thank you for always reminding me that You are who You promise You are.  I love you, forever!


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