It has been a long journey my God.


20032097_1793366970676619_3341752212796810238_nLately, every time I walked into a YFC event, I feel so old. Haha!

It’s a time of closing some chapters and opening some new ones. For instance, I transitioned as a youth leader in YFC and embracing my journey as a member of SFC. The community is officially moving beyond me; from being the youngest in our chapter, I am suddenly surrounded by younger people, and it put me in a position of mentoring and training. *so help me God*.

It is slowly sinking in and mixed emotion is filling my heart right now. For the past eight years of being a leader, it was time to pass the baton of daring dreamer to another and then accept the role of responsible guide instead.

I had to. Not because I wanted to, but because it’s part of growing up and holding the ground that I’ve been given by God’s grace. To do otherwise would be unfavorable to maturing and the mentoring of those around me. It means I’ve not just learned hard lessons but also that I aim to leverage them for the betterment of the people who come behind me.


It has been a long journey my God, and I will forever grateful for the chance to be a front liner of your army. Sustain me in the mission outside my comfort zone – as I continue to journey with you in SFC. And bless this new set of PCG, that they may continue the mission of being and bringing Christ wherever we go.

PS. Dear new set of YFC Cavite PCG – Gaano man ako ka-busy, always remember that ate Ena is always here for all of you.


One thought on “It has been a long journey my God.

  1. Praise God for you Ena. Always know that I am proud of you. Salamat for being consistent at stable all through out your joourney. salamat sa lahat ng tulong sa YFC Cavite

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