I am only twenty-three years old dreamer with a long list of dreams that I hope to tick one by one. I always want to live doing something crazy, wild, and may appear unusual for my character. I want to live boldly and continue to dream big. To live a life with freedom and happiness without holding back. So I came up to this idea of listing my bucket list so I can track and strike-through them as I go.


Graduate college

Get a master’s degree

Represent an organization/institution in other country

Have a “big girl” job

Own a business

*Do a lot of Random Act of Kindness*

*Learn how to cook a home-cooked meal*

Exercise regularly

Be happy with my weight

Read the entire Bible

Buy my first car

Get married to the love of my life

Dance with my dad at my wedding

Spend a month-long honeymoon in Europe

Buy my first home

Become a mother

Have a family dinner on a regular basis

Watch my children get married

Live to meet my grandchildren

Grow old with someone I love

Be a leader in my field

*Go on a mission trips*

Lead someone to Christ

Overcome my fear of public speaking

Give my testimony

Speak at a women’s conference

Have an active blog site

Write a devotional

Volunteer at a kid’s hospital

Help an orphanage

Start an organization

Start a charity

Own a coffee shop

Go on a vacation by myself

*Explore the different province of the Philippines (100+ province)*

*Travel to Japan*

Travel to Korea

Travel to Los Angeles

Travel to Canada

Go to Times Square for New Year’s Eve

Received a bouquet of white Casablanca (or any in the lilies family) and pink roses

Let go of a floating lantern every year on my birthday

Go to a masquerade ball

Be kissed under the fireworks

Be kissed under the mistletoe

Kiss in the rain

Dance in the rain

Adopt a puppy

Hold a baby panda

Go on a spontaneous adventure

Go on a stargazing date

Send a message in a bottle

See my best friend get married to the man of her dreams

Cuddle in front of the fireplace with someone I love

*Leave a positive note in random places*

Write a love letter

Write a letter to my future self

Write a diary for my future husband

Donate clothing

Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger

*Surprise someone*

*Go to the movies by myself*

Take a makeup lesson

Photobomb someone

*Hike a mountain*

Swim in the ocean

Go horseback riding

Explore a cave

Bathe an elephant

Go to an aquarium

Climb a lighthouse

Sleep in a treehouse

*Try zip lining*

Go white water rafting

Go rock climbing

*Take a calligraphy class*

Go a month without social media

Learn how to snowboard

Camp out in a pick-up truck under the stars

Learn the Alphabet in sign language

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Go skydiving

*Participate in a color run*

Note: Some items with *(bucketlist)* means in progress or already accomplished but most likely to do it again 🙂